Autumn Rainbow in UL

Who we are

The Autism Special Interest Group at the University of Limerick (Autism@UL SIG) is an interdisciplinary group of people with a focus on autism: researchers, therapists, family members, as well as representatives of autism family organisations in and around Limerick. Within UL the group includes senior Principal Investigators, early career researchers and PhD students from across the University’s faculties and institutions including the Bernal Institute, CSIS, Education, Health Research Institute, the School of Allied Health, KBS and PESS.

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UL Frost

Our vision

Our vision is to make UL an inclusive university as well as a centre of excellence in research on autism in collaboration with autistic researchers. We want to better understand the challenges that autism creates in University life, including the needs but also the opportunities of students and staff diagnosed with autism at UL, as well as the needs of UL staff or students with a diagnosis in their family. We also want to promote and support multidisciplinary research on autism, especially identifying and addressing questions of importance to the autism community. We want to adopt, improve, and expand existing frameworks for an autism friendly university making UL an example for Irish Universities and Universities worldwide, and promote the idea of a certified Inclusive University that does not only cater for the needs, but also taps into the talents, of individuals with autism.

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