Our Mission: We have identified several primary aims and goals that need to be reached within an initial period of 5 years:

  • - Develop a collaborative multidisciplinary network of research active academics focused on advancing the vision of Autism@UL SIG,
  • - Creating a UL autism-friendly campus and a UL autism-friendly work environment;
  • - Organizing and campaigning for autism-related events and initiatives;
  • - Attract National and International funds as well as activate international collaborations to research autism;
  • - Foster highly trained PhD graduates.

To reach our aims, we will:

  • - Promote our presence in UL and invite anyone in UL with an expertise in autism to join the Autism@UL SIG;
  • - Develop connections with the autism community to work together and develop a research agenda that has a local, national, and international impact;
  • - Encourage engagement with local NGOs (e.g. sport-for-all/Dochas/LAC, etc.) with the goal to educate, sensitise, raise awareness, and reduce the stigma (vs. stereotypes);
  • - Lobby for funds, multidisciplinary collaborations and research;
  • - Promote outreach activities, primarily dissemination of information and promotion of volunteering opportunities;
  • - Create research projects and autism related intervention out of our initiative;
  • - Generate innovative solutions to autism-related issues through inter/multi and transdisciplinary collaborations;
  • - Share methodological expertise in order to inform and develop research in our respective areas;
  • - Provide training for young researchers.