UL Mapathon - Autism@UL Special Interest Group

We invite you to take part in a study exploring wellbeing and inclusion in the University of Limerick’s campus. We want to know where you enjoy spending time on campus and why. We also want to know where you do not like to spend time and gather ideas on how to improve UL’s campus. We are interested in the views of everyone who uses the campus. That includes staff and students, and members of the local community who spend time on campus. The UL campus includes the buildings, grounds and any space within the campus grounds. This research is being carried out by the Autism@UL Special Interest Group. We are a group of people who are interested in autism and have a connection to UL. We include many members of the autism community – autistic people, family, friends, researchers, lecturers, local autism groups and the wider local community. We have a particular interest in the views of autistic people and their families, but want to hear what everyone else has to say too! If you are over the age of 18 and use the UL campus then there are two ways that you can take part:

Participation Option 1: Online map and survey
This option offers an online map and survey to let you tell us about the places that you enjoy spending time in on the UL campus and why, and places that could be improved. Click on Option 1 image below to take the survey.

Participation Option 2: Physical map
This option offers a Map that you can print to physically identify the places that you enjoy spending time in on the UL campus, and places that could be improved. Once you finished you can either take digital pictures (of the map and the signed informed consent) and send it to ulmapathon@gmail.com, or physically post them to C/O Cristiano Storni, CS2-032 Computer Science Building - UL Campus - Plassey - Co. Limerick - V94 39PX

Option 1 text here

Mapathon Participation Option 1 - Online Survey and Map

Option 1 - click anywhere on this picture to access our online survey

Mapathon Participation Option 2 - Physical Map

Option 2 - click anywhere on this picture to download our instructions and physical map

This study is supported by a bursary from Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Ignite@UL. PPI Ignite@UL draws on the tradition of participatory health research to promote meaningful involvement of the public and patients